Aptulika was born and raised in Istanbul. He graduated from Mimar Sinan University, Fine Arts Faculty in 1987. His cartoons started to get published while he was studying at the university. He began drawing permanently for “Gırgır” which was the most widely-read humour magazine in Turkey and in Europe with a circulation of up to 450.000 copies. He became a well-known cartoonist to the readers for his cartoon strip called “Grup Perisan” which is about the daily adventures of young university students, based on three main characters: a rocker, a so-called entellectual, and an innocent young man who came from the country to İstanbul to study. He left Gırgır in 1989 and founded another humour magazine called “Hıbır” with a group of cartoonists where he went on drawing “Grup Perisan” until 1999.

When “Hıbır” was closed down he made an end to his cartoon strip and started to draw political cartoons for “Dinazor”, a humour suplement for the newspaper “Cumhuriyet”.

Meanwhile he also started to write reviews on rock music which have been inspired from little drawings and notes of rock and heavy metal he made into the margins of the “Grup Perisan” pages.

Starting his career as a cartoonist he has developed his work into a wider range, especially by incorporating colourful illustrations into it. In 2011 he published a bande dessinée, a detective story written by Ahmet Ümit . He has been working on music projects such as illustrating maps for jazz festival and children music projects; calenders and books for children; illustrating album and book covers. He has widen his work range from movie industry -storyboard- to food industry –illustrating the walls of a delicatessen.

Since 2009 he has been making his own radio program called “Blues Perisan”, a weekly program presenting samples of the world’s greatest blues performances.

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